Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Questions from the Tooth Fairy

K lost her first tooth last night in her sleep (is she really that grown up?), and with her sharp little six-year-old eyes managed to find it nestled in her white chenille bedspread (thank goodness!) -- leaving us with an important task:  Finishing the Tooth Fairy Pillow today so that it will be ready for tonight's hijinks and hullabaloo.  Originally we had cut the pieces out of wool felt with the idea that K would sew the pillow herself, but she assured me that she would not be offended if I assembled the thing while she was at school, so I set to work.

I tried to keep the stitching neat and sturdy but still childlike, as though K had had a hand in it -- not hard since my hand-sewing skills leave a bit to be desired.  I wanted to stuff it with wool batting but chose K's favorite bamboo since she's the one who has to sleep on it.  I do hope she likes it.

Now.  Questions. 

  1. What is the going rate for baby teeth these days?  K said something like "maybe a dollar?" but my fairy is just not sure.
  2. Would a little present be appropriate along with the small amount of money the fairy is likely to leave?  Like a new toothbrush, perhaps?
  3. How on Earth does my fairy get the teensy little tooth out of the pocket without waking the excited child?

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness! A tooth! How exciting. I imagine the toothfairy leaves either 50 cents, or a dollar coin these days, and maybe a token tooth-related gift for every-other tooth lost? And I guess we just hope the excitement of losing a tooth is enough to really zonk her out hard so you can sneak in and collect the tooth! Best of luck. Can't wait to see her toothless grin.