Monday, January 24, 2011


Welcome to Created, a new feature of this blog inspired by Dialectic Dichotomy's Sanguine Saturday and designed to focus on the good things created during the week by me, by my family and by my friends.  I would like to eventually include submissions from readers, too.  The post will normally appear on Sundays but is a little late this week because I have just developed it as the response to a challenge from a friend.  I will try to keep the narrative to a minimum -- I plan to simply use photographs with captions, and I hope that the format will become clear with time.

Plenty of progress on my 'Tea Leaves' Cardigan.

Beauty and order in my living and dining rooms.

Two guinea pigs with squeaky clean, shorter fur.

Empty space in our bedroom where the cradle used to be, and freedom from impossible wishing and longing for the past.

A brand-new antique desk for our little scholar.

More empty space, this time in my fiber closet -- to store good things to come!
Rockin' Grandma art by Miss K.

I've been sewing again! More on this one later.