Sunday, August 30, 2009

In the works

I have way, way, way too many projects in the works these days, and I have been admonished several times by my daughter to stop buying new craft supplies until I have used up some of my existing ones. I have only been bringing home thrifted/foraged/secondhand materials with the exception of some wool sewing yarn, but it does add up.

So this weekend I finished two felted wool baby blankets, which I plan to send to a therapist friend who treats women with postpartum depression and likes to give handmade gifts to her patients who deliver. I hope she likes them, because I could happily supply her with many more! I'll tuck a few cashmere bunnies in the package for good measure.

Projects I'm working on include:
  • A hand-sewn felted wool blanket done in 5" squares, truly beautiful!
  • A "cobbled" felted wool pullover sweater -- more on this later
  • A huge tied quilt made entirely of thrifted pillowcases and backed with a thrifted bedsheet
  • Finishing up the second edition of the beach blanket
  • A new pattern for pajama pants that I hope will fit me better but that I'm a little afraid of
  • My alpaca sweater
  • Various things I won't mention because they're perpetual works in progress
Not to mention trying to keep the mess in order and finish decorating!

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