Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My sewing stool

So I was walking past Philips Furniture in town this afternoon and instinct told me to cross the street before I came to his outdoor display -- invariably when I take the time to scan his offerings I find at least one that comes home with me -- but I thought no, there's nothing I need, I won't find anything. Then of course I saw something I needed. Desperately. For real. On Sale.

Here's my new sewing stool. It is just the right height for me and has a nice low back so I can take stretch-breaks without leaving my chair. I love the green vinyl seat and the fact that it opens up for extra storage. And since I had been sitting on my (albeit sturdy) side table I can now reclaim that piece of furniture and have a cup of tea by my side when I am reading or hand-sewing in my comfy chair.

Note how the avocado green coordinates with my Aunt Anne's vintage knitting basket in the corner. Does it get any better than this? I never thought I'd find the perfect sewing seat, but it's like this was made for my body. I love it!

Where do you sit when you craft or sew? What would you like to fall over when you're walking down the street that would make your crafting more pleasurable or productive?

1 comment:

  1. I'm looking for a narrow, glass-front cabinet that could fit in our bedroom and hold all my fabric and yarn. There's not a lot of space and right now everything is cramed way up in our closet. Someday I'll have my own little corner again, and can leave the sewing machine out all the time.

    Good Eye! Nice find.