Friday, April 16, 2010

International girl

Here is K getting ready for school on International Day.  She is (sort of) dressed as a "Russian Peasant Girl" in long gathered skirt, peasant blouse and babushka scarf (courtesy of Carefree Clothes for Girls.)  And I have become One of Those Moms who stay up late the night before The Day Of, sewing the costume the child Has To Have and didn't plan ahead for.  I could kick myself for doing it, but at least she looks cute -- if not exactly authentic.  (Her idea was to go in her Sock Monkey Pajamas, because they say "Made in Vietnam" on the label.  Not exactly what the teacher had in mind, honey.  I like your creative thinking, though.)


  1. She gets away with so much because of how cute she is.

    Now if only she can remember how to write "Катя" for today. I think that trying to learn how to say "my name is..." and "hello" were nice ideas, but didn't stick.

  2. I'm sorry you stayed up all night to do this, but yes..."dtm" has something there with the cuteness comment. And the outfit, of course, is perfect.