Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Meet the newest member of our family!


  1. Leslie was adopted from the Animal Sanctuary Society in Mt. Laurel, NJ. His mother was a Russian Blue -- no idea what his father was -- he is a Bengal Tabby. I think his owner was a crazy cat lady/hoarder type but I'm not positive. There were tons of kittens in the litter and they pretty much nursed Mama, who was skinny to begin with, dry. Leslie is a tiny kitten for a seven-week-old and we're giving him wet food mixed with formula in the hope that he'll bulk up a bit. He has a lovely personality, warm and gentle and sweet; he plays beautifully with Katherine and never bites or scratches.

    Ok. What happened was, I walked into PetSmart to get some Guinea Pig hay, and walked by their cat adoption area and the volunteer on duty said, "Would you like to hold a kitten?"

  2. the kitten is cute. they grow so fast. we adopted a kitten in October, he is so big now.
    We are glad to have him in our home and not out in the cold.