Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ten Things: One

A friend blogged recently with a challenge to post ten positive things about herself that had nothing to do with a particular demon she had faced in her life -- that her readers might not know about her.  I was most impressed with her response, and I would like to respond in kind.  I am going to do my post a bit differently, however -- I am actually going to do mine in ten separate posts, and focus (in keeping with this blog's theme) on creative aspects of my self -- so here goes:

I love to read and write poetry and was literary editor of my high school's literary magazine, Pen and Ink, during my senior year.  It has been a long time since I wrote regularly, but I am thinking about ways to get started again and how this blog might help me do that.


  1. I love that you're taking this on board. <3

  2. Fabulous - looking forward to learning and reading about all of the ten things!