Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Journal Cozy

I love my patchwork Moleskine notebooks so much that I dislike writing in plain ones anymore -- to the point that I will avoid making notes until I have time to decorate a new notebook.  (I know that's ridiculous.)  Then inspiration hit, in the form of an embellished Ann Taylor sweater from the thrift store.  Why not make a journal cozy that I could reuse?

It took a lot of improvisation to get to this design.  Some things I learned:
  • Don't try to machine-sew over beads and sequins.  Just don't.
  • It might be a good idea to use some stabilizer if you're going to sew satin ribbon to sweater fabric.  If you plan to do this, make sure ahead of time that you have some on hand.  Otherwise, you might have to change your plans.
  • Sometimes you end up with a significantly different-looking finished product than you envisioned.
  • From my young friend Miss R. -- ‎"Don't be afraid it won't be perfect, the only thing to be afraid of really is that it won't BE."

Instead of binding the edges with pink satin ribbon or hemming them, I had to opted to zig-zag them with pink and purple thread.  Rather than try to get the stitching "just so," which I knew I couldn't do, I went over the stitching several times in different colors for a layered effect.  I like the way it turned out.

To finish, I zig-zagged a double length of grosgrain ribbon into the back my new notebook for place-holders, letting the stitching go a bit wonky once again.

What a fun project!  I will be interested to see how useful this turns out to be.


  1. Ooh, that's a very cool idea! I wonder how easy it would be to make one of these with waterproof fabric. My day-planner got soaked and all the pretty stuff ran! So I'm thinking next year some sort of bag for it might not go amiss, and if I could make one that was pretty and waterproofish, that would be pretty awesome... ;)

  2. I love my Moleskine and I think your project is a great one! Way to go for a first try :)

  3. i love moleskin, too. and also, i love this cover. very nice!