Friday, July 31, 2009

Inaugural project: a felted poncho

This design comes from Betz White's Warm Fuzzies, a book devoted to projects made from felted recycled sweaters. K has been begging for a poncho ever since she opened the volume, and this one seemed to suit her need for bright color, warmth and softness -- the solid bits are made from sweaters with a hefty portion of angora to them, which I hadn't been aware would felt but which in fact worked themselves into a heavenly, fuzzy material that was a delight to work with. I made a size 7/8, which is a little big for K right now, but the way she's growing it will be perfect for the spring.


  1. It looks soft even from here. She may want to wear it to bed.

  2. I love that it matches her shoes! Quite stylish. How do you sew the pieces together once they're all thick and felted? are there seams on the underside, or are the pieces joined flat somehow?

    It came out really well! I may have to try making one for myself...

  3. Thanks, Sarah! The pieces are butted together and zigzagged -- the zigzagging shows up as decorative stitching on the body of the poncho. You back-stitch over intersecting seams so it looks a little sloppy in my opinion -- I'll take a picture of it close up and post it when I get a chance.