Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blast from the past

Last Saturday we were thrifting at the Re-Uzit Shop in New Holland, PA and I happened upon a wonderful basic sewing tome from the late sixties:

It was in perfect condition; I got it for $2, which I consider a steal when you note the original $7.95 price tag on the jacket. Love the back cover!

The thing looked strangely familiar to me, and I wasn't sure why till I got it to the car and had a chance to browse a bit. I realized when I saw the page below -- my favorite as a child -- that it is the exact same sewing book my mother kept next to her machine all the years I was growing up!

So -- a little bit of alchemy going on in the hills of Pennsylvania. Not bad.


  1. I love it when you find something that brings back some happy childhood memories. Any good fabric finds?

  2. A beautiful twin-bed sheet that is crying to become a duvet cover if I can find a coordinating mate, and a couple of sweaters destined to become baby blankets. Not to mention a pair of knitting needles, some wool sewing yarn, bits of lace, some lovely handkerchiefs and a grab-bag of doilies. The place is a crafter's dream come true! We have been there before and will definitely be returning.

  3. Oohh. Yum. You seem to be so lucky with finding sweaters. I look all the time now, but only had luck the very first time. Now everything I find is made of cotton or acrylic.