Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flower power

So I needed some new pajama pants. I liked the ones I had made but it was hard to keep them ironed for everyday wear, and then they didn't fit quite the way I wanted them to. Their official name is "Pajamas for Everyone" in Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing, but they really don't seem to be for people with hips or much of a waist, so I decided to try out a simple alteration.

All I did was extend the waist length by a couple of inches and adjust the legs accordingly, but it did the trick. I now have two very loud pairs of Pajamas for Me, and I expect to make many more as the days get cooler and I start pulling out the pretty flannels I have stashed away in the closet. Hooray for successful experiments!


  1. First of all, everything looks great. Love reading about cozy PJs. Second of iron your pajama bottoms? Hmm...I must consider this as a means of making pajama bottoms more appealing to me personally, especially as fall approaches.

  2. Lol, only the ones that get all wrinkly and messy-looking in the wash! For some reason the fabric I used on those red-and-white ones does, and I find them really unappealing to climb into at bedtime if I haven't ironed them.