Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baptism blanket update

I had just about sold myself on the traditional crocheted-baby-afghan for the baptism blanket design, with a St.-Mary's-Blue satin ribbon woven in as an accent somewhere, which would have been lovely; but two minutes ago when I had to rip half the thing out for the third time I also ripped two fistfuls of hair from my head and swore I would not crochet a third blanket. I'm going to be looking for easy knitting patterns (because I need to use this lovely white wool-acrylic-nylon yarn on something and it may turn out that a knitted blanket is just the thing) and then look at cotton or wool flannel and embroidery, or revisit the white-on-white quilt idea.


  1. ouch, sorry about your hair!

    I am working on a blanket based on the pattern in Stitch*n*Bitch, and it's lovely. I used a pale blue/green for the body, and added an orange in the edging. Just be sure to twist the yarns together, as with intarsia. Otherwise you end up with holes along the edges.

    I also once made a very nice baby blanket that was knit on the diagonal, basically just casting on 4 stitches, then increasing every other row until you reach the middle, then decreasing every other row until you've got 4 stitches left. I'm sure you could find a free pattern on Rav. It was pretty darn fast, and simple - the whole thing was garter stitch, so it's just about finding good yarn. You could even do a blue stripe down the middle, or weave a ribbon in at the end.

    Good Luck!!

  2. Like this one:


    There's also a nearly identical one on the Lion Brand website for free, but you have to register.

  3. Thanks! I think I was finding the Lion Brand pattern while you were posting your comment -- I will try the pattern you posted, it looks quite promising!