Monday, October 19, 2009

Berkshire Sweater, revisited

One of the reasons I was so quiet in September was because I could not stop knitting.  I found some irresistible alpaca/acrylic yarn (details on Ravelry) and started right in on a new version of the Weekend Knitting "Berkshire Sweater" I'd begun back in June/July when I first picked up knitting again in earnest.  I finished the sweater and it doesn't look bad for a first effort -- I'll share pictures and stories here at a later date.  Right now I'm concerned because after blocking it I discovered some mistakes, including a gargantuan hole in the middle of the thing, I suspect from two ends of yarn knotted together that I didn't notice in my eagerness to get the thing done.  Here's what the worst two look like:


Anyone with thoughts on what I might do to alleviate these problems  (And I did think of adding a big kangaroo pocket, but it didn't seem suitable so close to the underarm.  Sheesh.)  I do like the way the sweater fits, at least for a knock-around Saturday affair, and I loooove the softness of it.


  1. Ouch, that hurts me to look at! I'm also working on a sweater and I think if I found out it got holes in it I would absolutely fall apart. I know there's a whole section in Stitch'n'bitch on how to fix mistakes. I actually just tied a knot in one the other day, after considering how much increasing and decreasing I would have to do to go back and actually do it properly. I think your stitch is tight enought that you can hide them pretty well.

    I'm so impressed that you finished a sweater! Well done.

  2. I am afraid I can't offer any advice on a fix, seeing as how I don't know how to knit...but I am so taken with the color of the sweater that I had to comment to encourage you to carry on, and wear the sweater until it falls apart(which I suspect will be decades from now)!

  3. Thanks! Your mom liked the color a lot too, and I chose it because I fell in love with the yarn. I got a little worried as the sweater progressed and have come to title the project Violet Beauregarde ("Violet, you're turning violet, Violet!" but I still love it too and am dying to get the thing on my back!