Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Saying goodbye

I have had to set my mitten, sweater and other fun projects aside for a few days to work on a prayer shawl for a grieving friend. A week ago her husband came down with the sniffles as she was recovering from a bout with the flu, and early yesterday morning he passed away from complications due to H1N1. He was my age, and they were close to each other in a way that most couples wish they could be. Rodney is at rest and at peace, but my sadness deepens for his wife as the stitches and rows add up and I struggle with the new design.

I have been casual about flu shots in the past but will be scheduling vaccinations for myself and K (D's is already taken care of) this afternoon. Please make sure you get yours too, if you're able.


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend. I'm so glad she has some one like you around her who can reach out with a handmade gift so promptly.

    And yes, I'm watching for flu-shot availability around here.

  2. Wow, that is shocking and humbling. (I have already gotten the "regular" flu shot and will be getting H1N1 if it is available after the high-priority folks are vaccinated.) My prayers are with you as well - I imagine this is quite difficult for you, but remember that you are performing a rare and valuable service...