Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back in the studio

I took a break over the holidays and mostly worked on knitting mittens -- finished a pair for myself and nearly finished a pair for D, which he may yet get by the time the cold weather is over. But I'm back in the studio with a new sewing machine and plenty of new projects in the works.

Before Christmas I went through my stash of thrifted sheets and readied them for projects galore... They're not just for pajama pants anymore!

I spent most of today working on a long-overdue birthday present for my nephew J, who turned The Big Oh-Three back in November. I had fun making his superhero cape, though by the time I was done it had me singing my high school's alma mater (Crimson and gold, triumphant evermore!) and wondering whether J might look more like Ronald McDonald than a powerful crime-fighter. I think he'll probably enjoy it just the same.

My notions bin has yet to recover from the ransacking it received when I was looking for just the right trim for an improvised doll's dress that K's hand-me-down baby could wear to show-and-tell last Friday. It was constructed and donned with haste and I have not seen it since, or I would show it to you here.

Here are the pre-washed fabrics for the preemie quilt I'm making as a sample for the craftivism group I'm trying to get together at my church. I've been wanting to work with 30's reproduction fabrics for a long time, and I had a good excuse to buy some last week at my quilt store's Fat Quarter Friday -- they will be perfect for a baby, and they mix seamlessly (no pun intended) with some vintage scraps I bought when we were antique-scrounging in Michigan last summer.

So my hands are full and busy, and I must say I am quite happy with the whole deal.
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  1. I hope you get back a good picture of the triumphant superhero!

  2. I know there are quilt guilds around here that make quilts for CASA to give to all our kids. The idea is that kids in foster care often don't have any thing that's really their "own" that goes with them from one home to another. Wonder if that's a project your church would be interested in?

    The fabrics you've chosen there are lovely! Please do share the quilt when it's finished!

    Following on your inspiration, I am close to finishing my first baby blanket made of felted sweaters. It's super soft and I can't wait to make a bid one for myself to keep!

  3. I will keep the CASA project in mind for St. Mary's -- what a wonderful idea! We may have something similar here in Burlington County, which would be well worth checking out...

    I will certainly share my quilt, and I would love to see a picture of your baby blanket when it's done!