Thursday, January 14, 2010

Goodies from the Guild House

After prayer quilting group today, I stayed in the vestry room to watch the cleaning-out of the wardrobe that was once used by the women who sewed vestments and linens and other items needed by the church, including a set of aging and obsolete confirmation veils that we pulled out and wondered what to do with (they went back in the closet.) I took quite a bundle of treasure home with me!

This thread-holder was made by the husband of one of the sewing-guild ladies, and I got to take it along with its collection of antique and modern spools of thread. I love that it's red!

As you will read in a post that is coming soon, I have recently discovered the magic and wonder of bias binding. Today I hit the jackpot with this box full of it! It's not all in perfect condition, but it will certainly do for doll clothes.

Is this green brocade magnificent? There's enough to make a good-sized pillow, front and back, or a pair of pillows if I use a different backing. What would you make with it?

I'm sure I will find something ornate to use that gorgeous gold, green and white trim on. And check out that white damask peeking out in the corner. That's about a yard of 45" material there, enough to make one pretty fancy christening set for someone's baby doll.

If all that weren't enough of a prize for going to work on quilts with the church ladies today, get this -- as we were wrapping up, one of the women came in bearing a quilt that looked astonishingly like the My House quilt on my bed -- I was astonished! After some inquries, I found out that someone had found some four-patch pieces in a bag that had been donated and liked the colors, so had sewn them together into a prayer quilt. Of course! My leftover patches! So someone else will have a My House quilt for comfort and healing. That just completely made my day. I could not be happier.
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