Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On my needles -- the On-again-off-again Edition

I finally cast on for my Shalom in Ecological Wool on size 10 1/2's last Friday, then promptly lost track of it as I scrambled to finish K's quilt in time for Valentine's Day (which, as you can see by the lack of a corresponding post, I did not do.)  I felt kind of iffy about the extremely loose and stretchy fabric of the garter-stitch collar at the start.  Then I had some trouble with the twisted-rib portion of the yoke, which I knew I had been doing incorrectly in the original and which I wanted to set straight.  Between one thing and another, I decided to frog it.

I have started knitting again on a size 10 needle, and things are looking up.  Meanwhile, I have learned:
  1. I was doing the M1 increase all wrong!  You lift the little bar with the right needle and place it knitwise on the left, and then there is no hole after the increase!  Hooray!
  2. To do the twisted rib, you twist the knit stitches on the wrong side and the purl stitches on the right side.  Voila!
Even if I don't finish this sweater by the end of February (and I still very well might!), it will have been well worth making for the lessons it is teaching me.

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