Sunday, January 30, 2011


Focusing on the good things created during the week...
Ties on the quilt that was meant to be K's Christmas gift -- it should be bound by Valentine's day!

Cream of broccoli soup and pear bread on a snowy morning.

Music improvised by a budding pianist.
I learned how to hem my jeans while keeping the original hem intact!

A new table for my second sewing machine.

Some simple linen dishtowels.

Sunday dinner with the family:  Ham, scalloped potatoes, "crunchy salad."

I'm still tweaking my pajama pants pattern.


  1. I'm glad you kept that picture of Grandpa at dinner to yourself-- Altho it does show how appreciative he is of good home cooking!

  2. I don't generally publish pictures of people without their permission -- bad karma! ;)

  3. Lovely! And I'm in love with that quilt in the first picture. That's gorgeous, I bet K will adore it.

  4. Looks like you've been eating really well this week! I envy that. And also can't wait to see the quilt in it's final form! Gorgeous.

  5. Oh I'm sure K is going to love that quilt! Its just precious.