Sunday, January 23, 2011

My fiber closet!

It was almost too easy to do this, after The Yarn Project -- just a matter of emptying the craft closet of unrelated items, inventorying the fiber and tools and packaging it all up neatly in the enormous space I had created.

I was amazed when there was room left over for my spinning wheel and drying racks -- not that I will be washing fleece again any time soon, as you can see by the two giant sacks of Romney fleece (the one on top washed a bright white, the bottom one a deep dark chocolate) resting on the closet shelves.

I had a little time left over to practice spinning with some of the Romney fleece I had carded before the Christmas rush began -- Kelsey examines my work and is clearly disappointed with the lack of twist in my single as it plies back onto itself. 

What you do not see here are the piles of paints, papers, glue and artwork that came out of the closet and did not go back in.  Now I am off to find good homes for these orphaned art supplies.  But the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight -- soon I will be finished this early spring-cleaning process and back to learning and creating and producing -- hooray!


  1. i want your kitty! he's ginger! lovelovelovelove.

  2. Interesting. So does this mean you're going to now get back to spinning, now that you can find your fiber and wheel easily?

    Also, I look forward to seeing where you'll be able to put the supplies this action orphaned.

  3. @Chrysalis -- she bites!

    @dtm -- yes, I do intend to spend more time spinning -- more on this in another post. And the orphaned art supplies will find a home, never you fear. Remember, I am an organizing savant!