Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One mitten

Remember my handspun angora?  From away back?  My beautiful, bulky, teal, thick-and-thin, fuzzy, wonderful handspun angora?  Here is what I made from it:


Yes, that is correct.  One K-sized mitten.  I know I should have made a scarf, I knew when I began the mitten that I would not have enough yarn for two.  I was banking on my provider having -- or being able to dye -- some fiber to match the fiber I had already spun.  Lesson learned:  do not bank.  So I am left with one bunny-fluff mitten to hang on the Christmas tree next year.  I think it will look natural there.


  1. Can you not do some in a different colour for the other mitten? She could be odd mitteny!

  2. Oh, she never wears matching mittens -- gauche! But to get a similar thick/thin yarn in a different color I'd have to spin it myself (only beginners can produce "designer" yarn like that) and when I saw the cost of the amount of fiber I would need to spin that much yarn my hair stood on end. I think the fiber I initially bought was on clearance or something. Eesh!

  3. One lonely mitten... Reminds me of children's story where a mitten is lost in the forest and all these animals try to use it. Cute story, and beautiful illustrations.


  4. Update missing! Consider me footstompin'. ;)