Monday, April 25, 2011

created -- Easter joy

focusing on the good things created during the week...

Alleluia! The Lord is risen!

K studies clues from the Easter Bunny to follow the steps to her basket of goodies!

Mugging for the camera after church.  You can't see it, but her socks match her purse match her dress!

Racing to hunt Easter eggs!
Hope your holiday was a blessed one!


  1. Aww, lovely photos. Looks like it was a good day. <3

  2. Oh dear! Does that Band-aid memorialize the spill she took as we were leaving? Poor little lady!

    Looks like you all had a lovely, lovely Eastertide!

  3. What a dress - and thanks for mentioning the matching items not shown in the photo, it helps to complete the mental image. Looks like you had a nice Easter--thanks for sharing some of it with us!