Monday, April 4, 2011


Focusing on the good things created during the week...
This week:  loving the process of making a felted wool blanket.

Making the initial cuts.

Seaming sweater scraps together.

Wait, what? There's no room on the worktable for new pajama pants now!

Pressing the seams on my new over-the-door ironing board -- small but mighty handy!

What can K and I make with all these little bits?

Some of the finished 14" by 14" squares -- start looking for someone to snuggle with.

There's still more work to do.  File this under "Works in Progress."


  1. The sweater squares are a sight to behold...but I must confess that the pattern on the ironing board cover is also strangely compelling. :) Keep us posted!

  2. I can't wait to see that one finished up! I just last night finished a cashmere/wool blanket that has been gnawing at me for about a year. And it doesn't look nearly as lovely as the blocks you've created! I love the stripes that you threw in, they ad such a modern vibe.