Friday, April 8, 2011

Knitting for Seafarers

At a friend's request, I am organizing an effort at church to knit scarves and hats for the Seamen's Church Institute.  They will be placed in "ditty bags" to be given to the seafarers at Christmas, along with toiletries and personal items that are, naturally, hard to come by during long stretches of time at sea.

Last evening we held a "knitting workshop" that was billed as "just for fun -- no commitment required" in order to encourage new and/or "out-of-shape" knitters to consider knitting a scarf.  Although turnout was low, we had a pleasant time, limbered up our fingers and got two beginners chugging along nicely.

Making progress

A giant box of yarn donated by a young parishioner!

Some questions for you:
  • Can you knit/would you consider knitting for charity?  Do you have the time, money, willingness, the what-it-takes?  It's not for everybody.  I'm not sure that, in the long run, it's for me.  I want to explore this question more.
  • Which organization(s) would you be willing to knit for, and why?
  • Are there other crafts or services you would be willing to do/perform for charity, and why?
In my next post I will give information about how you might help out with our efforts, should you be interested in doing so.


  1. Hi, the photos are great. Glad you found the box of yarn too. I am keeping Hannah up on all the knitting news. Thanks again.