Monday, April 11, 2011

SCI Knitting News and Challenge

Thanks to those who have begun knitting for the Seamen's Church Institute.  Here is a little more information about the project:
  • The hats and scarves we are knitting will benefit specifically the Seamen's Church Institute of Philadelphia and South Jersey, which "greets merchant ship workers at ports along the Delaware River and provides services to meet mariners’ practical, spiritual, and emotional needs."
  • The mariner's scarf seafarer's scarf and watch cap patterns are available on the SCI of New York and New Jersey's website, but it should be noted that any items donated through St. Mary's Church in Burlington will go to the SCI of Philadelphia and South Jersey.
  • Scarves are the most needed items.   If you can knit the mariner's scarf seafarer's scarf pattern with the ribbing around the neck, that is wonderful, but if not, a plain garter-stitch scarf is fine.  The watch cap is the most desirable pattern if you would prefer to knit a hat.  Solid-colored items only, please!
  • Yarn should be worsted-weight machine-washable-and-dryable and of dark and/or "masculine" colors.  We gladly accept donations of yarn!  It takes about 4 oz. of yarn to make a scarf and 3.5 oz. to make a hat, so please keep that in mind if you are donating leftover balls of yarn.
For new knitters:  there are wonderful tutorials on the Knit Picks website to help you with tricky things like casting on, binding off and even that pesky ribbing on the mariner's scarf.

Now, for the challenge:

For those of you who are taking on this project with me:

Will you knit every day?

For half an hour while you watch the news, or half an inch while you watch the game, or fifteen minutes after you say your morning prayers, or however you decide you'll do it, will you make a commitment to work at this a little at a time, over a period of time, and see how much you can get done?

It's not for everybody -- and nobody will be able to do it perfectly.  I know there will be days I will miss and I can even predict some of them now -- but it's worth a try.  If you can use little bits of your time to finish one scarf to warm one neck this winter, think of that goodness.  There will be other things you will want and need to do, but see what you can do with this one, if it's right for you.

Note:  My apologies for including the wrong scarf pattern in the original post.  The link to the correct pattern, the seafarer's scarf, has been added.

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