Friday, April 15, 2011

In the studio -- Thrifted, etc.

Treasures from a birthday jaunt to my favorite antique and resale shops in Lancaster, PA -- a mason jar, some tapestry wool, a painted wastebasket.

From The Lancaster Yarn Shop, because I was there:  four skeins of New England Highland Wool, #67 Marigold, and one skein of Kettle Dyed Wool & Mohair Yarn, Heirloom Tomatoes colorway.  Totally irresistible.

The current state of my cream-and-gray blanket -- behold, The Princess and the Pea.  I hope to get back to this ASAP, but I am currently so engrossed in my knitting that everything else is on hold.

And there's knitting class this morning!  TGIF, and Spring Break for K as well -- the Aunties are coming to visit and she is hoping to have some Girls' Only Craft Time.  I have an idea brewing; look for it soon!

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  1. All wonderful finds...and you had me at the wastebasket. Perfect example of why it is worth it to visit those stores with some regularity...