Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sitting pretty

Lately I've been needing to cover up my sewing machine when it's not in use because I have a naughty cat who eats thread. It's easy to toss the nearest remnant over the top, but that looks kind of sloppy and it tends to fall off. Here's my solution: a sewing-machine cover made from half of a pillowcase.

I had this pretty pillowcase sitting in my "thrifted" stash, waiting for just the right project. The pattern is pleasingly reminiscent of some sheets and towels my grandmother used when I was little, so I wanted to make sure that whatever I made with it would be highly visible and heavily used. The "sewing machine cozy" project was perfect!

This was so simple to make! I like the design a lot, so after I've ironed out a few kinks in the creative process, I'll post a tutorial for the "cozy" -- my first (albeit simple) original creation!
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