Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Idea notebook

New studio ideas:
  • Install shelves in the big closet with the sliding doors to hold my vast fabric collection, allowing open storage of all fabrics with room for growth. Keep sliding doors on but leave open so fabric stash is partially visible for decorative effect.
  • Throw caution to the wind and move the dining room table (which I'm currently using as a cutting table/sewing desk) upstairs to the new studio; use as a cutting table and secondary sewing desk (possibly for a serger in the future?); use money saved to buy a nicer dining room table and take better care of it this time!
  • Use D's old desk as a sewing desk; rotate 90 deg. so it faces the door and to maximize benefits of natural light.
  • Perhaps don't replace beige carpet with blue -- beige would camouflage light-colored threads much better. Opt for scatter rugs instead? (All decorating books/magazines say to go with wood/tile/vinyl floors but I really prefer carpet.)
  • Wall decor: large bulletin board; smaller memo boards covered in custom fabrics; "inspiration wire" to be changed frequently; "Friendship Flowers" quilt (photo to come); vintage brochure covers; art by K.
  • See if kitchen cabinets or tall wicker drawer units can be purchased for underneath cutting table (dining table) to maximize storage space. Utilize vertical space by hanging wire baskets from ceiling to receive scraps, hold tools out of reach of K, etc.
Right. Time to get on the ball. Scale drawings and paint chips and budgets and agendas! I feel like I should put a sticker on my virtual forehead saying, "Ask me how my work on the studio is going!" so you-all can keep me in line.


  1. Wow, I can't wait to see pictures when you get it all set up just right. Sounds lovely! And what a luxury to have a whole room to dedicate to your hobby and passion. I'm loving catching up on your blog here, and seeing all the wonderful things you and K have been working on. Just great! Especially love the Felt board, very clever.

  2. The dining room table! Of course - it's a stroke of genius! It's the perfect size! I like all of your ideas here...this is really shaping up to be a magical room (you're never going to want to leave the studio, are you?) :-)