Thursday, January 22, 2009

Warm fuzzies

Remember my vanilla-and-chocolate blanket, the dark brown wool one with the cream-colored binding? The one I was afraid to give to my dad for Christmas because it couldn't be washed? Well, I got crazy the other day and washed it.

Yes, I did, I washed it. In hot water. And dried it too, on high heat. And it did just what I thought it would. It felted. It got all soft and thick and fluffy. I love it. The only thing is that, of course, the binding didn't felt, so it's all puckered around the outside. But no biggie. It lives in my bedroom. I'm the only one who has to know. And if I get tired of it, think of the teddy bears I can make with it!

Moral of the story: Felt the sage-green suiting before turning it into a blanket. Get a nice smooth binding on it and end up with a beautiful cozy washable wool blanket, suitable for gifting -- or for keeping all to myself because oh, how I love things that are soft and warm.

1 comment:

  1. This is definitely a post to mark as "feel good." A fuzzy, washable wool blanket?!?! Does it get any better?!?!?