Monday, January 12, 2009

Studio update

D and I have been putting in some time on the studio, making slow but steady progress. He broke down the boxes from his new computer and moved them out, and cleared the rubble from his desk and the surrounding area. I've mostly been providing support up until now but I've got a box of papers to file and a number of containers of "keepsake" items that need to be weeded ruthlessly. Tasks to be accomplished in the coming days:
  1. Move printer downstairs to D's new office
  2. Move my desk to the great room
  3. Relocate books from office bookshelves
  4. Relocate clothes from office closet
  5. Remove old computer equipment
  6. Move filing system downstairs and cull outdated files
It looks like a lot, but an hour a day gets a lot done, so I think it's manageable. After we finish those jobs we can look at painting, possibly getting a new rug (I can dream) and moving materials and furniture upstairs.

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