Sunday, March 15, 2009

My new digs

It's been a long time coming, but at last I have taken residence in D's former office! I'm still referring to it as my "office" for the time being, since it is clearly set up for paperwork and not for sewing, but some very important things have happened in this room over the past day or two:
  1. I have located the floor. (The beige carpet is in excellent condition. This is most likely because, during D's work-from-home years, it was covered in a sea of paper which protected it from all the cat puke and baby vomit. I think, then, that I will keep the carpet and put the money saved toward something more important like maybe a decent quilting machine?)
  2. I have pinpointed the problem areas, i.e. the things D still needs to get rid of, and I have made a plan for him to follow through on these that he can actually carry out in a reasonable amount of time. This requires supervision and patience, but it will be well worth it.
  3. I have gotten a handle on getting my own things under control. The piles of craft clutter that accumulate after a winter of making gifts and then undertaking a major quilting project were outrageous, and my "temporary studio" still needs attention, but at least things are neatly piled and arranged instead of flung about willy-nilly.

I love my French bulletin boards but I think I'll re-cover them; I'm definitely leaning toward reds, pinks and yellows for my color scheme. The Fred Small poster (from a concert in Great Hall my senior year at Carleton! Autographed!) will probably have to go, but I hate to give up Fred entirely -- will have to think about that. And may or may not relocate the diplomas -- maybe keep mine and give D's the boot?

Possibly the best part is the part you can't see because that's where I'm sitting -- my comfy leather armchair (that one in the picture is D's and it's slated to LEAVE because it is NOT comfy) with the fluffy yellow "Lemonade" afghan draped over the back. In front of it my laptop just fits on the top of a thrifted wooden side table that has been loved by some child or children, who left their mark in dabs of brightly colored paint all over the legs. Nothing like furniture with character.

Next on the agenda: Move D's mathematics/computer science book collection to a bookcase downstairs and reclaim one Ikea Billy Bookcase for quilting/crafting books.


  1. Sounds good that you are clearing "D" out of your life. Why are you keeping his computer books?

  2. As I'm married to D, he still lives here and wants to keep his computer books! I just want them out of my office! :)

  3. What a delightful post - thank you for the update! And...this I must didn't really expect that no one would notice the smaller font for the "quilting machine" portion, did you? :-P