Saturday, March 14, 2009


It's been a busy, intense week with a lot on my mind and a lot on my plate, but I managed to get an enormous backing (which I love -- I would show it to you but I want it to be a surprise) pieced and the three layers of my quilt sandwich pinned together. I was a little disappointed that the organic cotton batting was so thin and rough to the touch, but I didn't want a heavy batting for such a large quilt and you can't actually touch the batting once the quilt is done, anyway, so I'm not going to worry about those things. The beauty of the cotton batting is that it will shrink when the quilt is washed, giving the whole thing a puckered, "antique" look.

Now my job is to baste around the outer edge of the quilt top so I can trim off the excess backing and batting, and then I will make and apply the binding. Then it's plug-and-chug, tying and trimming the knots until it's time to make the pillowcases (yes, I had enough of the bright blue floral for two of them) and name the quilt and then happily ever after. Onward and upward!


  1. I know nothing about quilting, but I must confess that I wait with bated breath for each new update on this quilt. Can't wait to see pictures of the finished product!

  2. It peps me up so much to get a comment like this! It's a really special quilt to me, kind of a coming-of-age thing that I'm thinking needs one of my famous mix-CD's to go with it (of course I'll burn you a copy), so it means a lot to me that it matters to you too. :)