Saturday, March 21, 2009

Studio Saturday -- Dinosaur Dig and Book Blitz

Welcome to the first of a series of themed posts designed to keep me on my creative track. The idea behind Studio Saturdays is that I will set a goal each week towards the completion of my crafting studio, and spend an hour or more working toward that specific goal. This week, I actually had two goals: 1) To have D remove his obsolete, dust-gathering computer equipment to the recycling center, and 2) To empty as much as possible the two tall white Billy bookcases from Ikea, to make room for crafting books and supplies.

D came through with flying colors! I had an appointment to keep this morning, and when I returned home at 11:00am he had not only purged the office of cyber-junk, but had also relieved the choir room at church of a useless wooly mammoth of a PC. I was less successful in completing my task, which metastasized as I realized I was going to have to clear out bookcases in our bedroom and in the Great Room downstairs in order to accommodate the exodus of printed material from the office. I did manage to get the space cleared, but only moved out half a Billy bookcase worth of materials from the office. And now my cookbooks are in the bedroom, which just seems wrong. Give it time, I keep telling myself. It'll all come right.

So tomomrrow I'll put a little more effort into getting the house (let alone the office) under control, and I'll work hard at tying my quilt -- the closer I get to the finish line there, the safer and cozier I feel. It's totally worth all the hard work.

What projects have you been tackling this weekend?


  1. DMM created about 65 pounds of paper to recycle as he cleared out vast amounts of old NYT printouts and obsolete computer documentation. He was even going thru dozens of spiral notebooks to discard (he only saved about 20% of what was in the notebooks!) We carted it away, and the house feels lighter and airy already. We raked the front lawn as well--a project left-over from November. Maybe the inspiration is the greater sunshine!

  2. I'm so impressed -- especially considering the hold paper clutter has historically had on you folks! I'm looking at old college course catalogs as I write this, thinking it's possible that, 13 years later, we might not need these anymore. ;) As far as the lawn goes, D was noticing yesterday that it will not be long before he needs to mow it! The chores never end!