Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bunny bag

This morning for Try-it-out Tuesday I made this sweet little drawstring bag to fill with felt rabbits for K's Easter. I have since replaced the organdy ribbon with a self-fabric tie, which I think is a great improvement. I'll photograph the bag again when all the bunnies are made so you can see the difference.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to make a similar bag for my nephew J, but the fabric I chose was of poor quality and refused to make up into a suitable product. I'll try again if I can find another appropriate print, but it's hard to find Easter-y prints that aren't too pink and flowery.

*Pattern for the bag came from Sew What? Bags! by Lexie Barnes

Yesterday's Mix-it-up Monday was quite a hit -- I made the Quiche Lorraine, referring to it as "egg pie" to K so she'd understand the concept of what we were making. She thought the concept was gross but was happy to help measuring and mixing and pouring, and even ate a bite or two when the thing was done, a full 30 minutes after the cookbook said it would be. I will definitely make this again, with the understanding that pre-made pie crusts and pre-cooked bacon make the job a pleasure instead of a chore. I may even make it for Easter Brunch.
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  1. May I just second your observation about store-bought pie crusts? The difference in taste and texture doesn't approach the difference in time and labor...