Monday, March 16, 2009

Progress report

I managed to pick up a version of K's tummy bug, but in between bouts of wonkiness I basted the edge of my quilt, trimmed the excess batting from around the edges, created the binding and sewed it on to the quilt top. It's looking more and more like a finished product! Left to do:
  • Slip stitch the binding to the back of the quilt
  • Make the quilt ties (I'm thinking plain white pearl cotton for these) and trim them evenly
  • Name the quilt and create a label for the back
  • Sew on the label
  • Wash the quilt to give it the "antique" look I'm after
  • Make the pillow slips
I'm tentatively planning a "Name That Quilt" contest if I can drum up enough interested readers and think of an appropriate (handmade by me, of course!) prize. Any suggestions?


  1. Forgive me for not knowing...but what is slip-stitching?

  2. You use a slip stitch when you want to sew two edges of fabric together without the stitches showing. Imagine stuffing a teddy bear: You'd leave a little hole open to put the fluff through, and when you were done, you'd use a slip stitch to sew the hole closed so Teddy didn't look like a slob.

  3. Ah...I remember watching my mother do that when she made little stuffed Christmas ornaments (she was terrified that my brother would eat the glass orbs, so decided to make about a zillion teeny stuffed gingerbread-doll-shaped ornaments instead). Thanks for the info!