Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chocolate and vanilla

D was not exactly impressed by my choice of wool suiting for the chocolate-and-vanilla blanket pictured above. He wasn't disparaging, but the word "unusual" was tossed around. I, however, remain convinced that it was the perfect selection for the type of warm, lightweight cover I was going for. My only regret is that, being such a rich, dark color, it does pick up cat hair a little too easily.

Now I need to decide which blanket to give to my dad for Christmas. Today's is classier looking and the longer length will be more comfortable for him when he takes his many, many naps on the sofa, but because it's wool my mom won't be able to just toss it in the wash. Yesterday's is classic rather than classy, and is wonderful in ways I described in my last post, but the size is wrong and the colors won't go with the room it's intended for. Well, I have a few days to think it over. In the mean time, maybe I'll have a chance to try them both out.


  1. Jennifer!
    First of all, I am loving your new blog - it is soothing and comforting just to read about your wonderful creations and the help you are receiving from K - it is truly entertaining reading (aside from the fact that I have a vested interest in reading about your life). Thank you for directing us over here.
    Second of all, the Chocolate and vanilla blanket is gorgeous. Really striking...and even though it's wool, I think the dark brown is quite practical for a TV-snack-nap scenario (dark brown covers a multitude of sins). Actually, I have several wool sweaters, and I find that the at-home dryer kids-interspersed with periodic actual dry cleaning-work just fine. No trouble at all...

  2. Thank you! I'm finding the discipline of writing a little every day to be quite helpful, and I'm grateful to you for reading what I write. And the motivation it gives me to create! I'm off now to work on a hooded towel for Joshua!