Monday, December 1, 2008

Caps and Blankets

Today I'm getting ready to send out my contribution to the Caps to Cap-Haitian Project, whose intention is to send safe birthing kits to traditional birth attendants in poverty-stricken northern Haiti. Among other useful things, the kits will include newborn caps and receiving blankets made by "craftivists" such as those under MamatoMama, a new group organized by Amanda Soule of SouleMama, who writes:
As crafters, the reasons we create are many. Just one may be to spread a little bit of peace into the world, to make a small but meaningful difference in one person's life through a simple act of crafting with intention. Mama to Mama seeks to find ways to connect handcrafters with mothers, children and families in need of a little bit of handmade love.
I'm so excited about this project! I sewed hats and blankets for two weeks straight before we had to go away for Thanksgiving. I also talked to Fr. H. about starting a craftivism group at church, which would work on the MamatoMama projects and other projects that would be more relevant to our neighborhood, and he thought that would be a great idea -- he's going to talk to the people in charge of our outreach committee so I can get started.

All in all I made 71 hats and 21 blankies, which is to say that I went a little overboard. It is definitely time to move on to a new project!

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