Saturday, December 13, 2008

Party time

I realized the other evening that I will be hosting four parties here in the next three weeks: D's birthday dinner this Sunday; Advent IV -- the tree-trimming event; Christmas Day; and K's birthday party (family only!) in early January. Ack! Time to get the creative juices flowing. There are decorations to put up, vegetarians and picky eaters to feed, cranky people and squirrely children to entertain, and messy piles of stuff (okay, mostly crafting supplies) to stash. I have done some tentative menu planning but very little else.

On top of this, we are preparing for a major move within the house: D will be taking over my craft closet in the front hall for his "office" space, and I will be taking over the front bedroom "office" upstairs for my crafting studio. We've made this decision based on the amount of time each of us spends in our allotted space doing our allotted tasks -- and the fact that we really miss having a dining room to eat and entertain in! So I must put some thought into how I want my studio space to look and function, or I will end up with the same old smudged flat white paint, stained beige carpet and poor general layout that exists in there now, which will only make my work more difficult -- and nobody wants to live with a cranky crafter -- so I'd better get cracking.

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