Monday, December 8, 2008

Advent 2

What an excellent evening to celebrate the second Sunday of Advent! Freezing and blustery outside, with the scent of homemade chili in the crock pot greeting my guests as they hung up their coats. D and his father glued their heads together over a math problem, and K hauled my mother-in-law upstairs to do Grandma things while I put the finishing touches on supper. We kept it extremely simple again, reading the collect and singing the blessing at the Advent wreath and eating at tray tables in the living room, enjoying the candlelight and each other.

Yesterday's project was simple and fun. I sewed many, many small flannel sacks together, leaving a small opening through which D funneled a mixture of rice and dried lavender. After slip-stitching the holes shut, I now have many, many small soothing microwavable/freezable hot/cold packs.

I have been given these before and have purchased them at craft fairs and have always wanted to try making them, but before now have not had the sewing skills (the ability to sew a straight line with the sewing machine!) to make them. I am astonished at how easy and satisfying they were to make -- not to mention inexpensive. I think that I will make more in different sizes and that they will make fine gifts.

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