Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Lots of work to do, starting new projects and continuing old ones:
  • Rice bags -- started making some in longer lengths, bought 30 lbs of rice and lots more dried lavender; these will be a "staple" gift this year.
  • Wool/cotton crocheted scarf
  • Painted picture frames with K to hold her school pictures for the grandparents
  • "Felted rocks" -- great fun. More on these later.
Gave a receiving blanket and matching hats to a friend who recently became a grandmother. I almost didn't, because they were not perfect, but she loved them and kept exclaiming on how soft and beautiful they were.

I think one of the benefits, to me, personally, of giving away what I make, is that it helps me to be less critical of my self and my abilities. People appreciate handmade and often don't see or even recognize the flaws that would keep me from giving the gifts in the first place.

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