Monday, December 15, 2008

Advent 3

We had our dinner for 3rd Advent last night, which was in many ways lovely and in one way disappointing. The disappointing thing was that I simply ran out of time and energy and gave up on trying to cook a fancy dinner for D's birthday celebration. We got take-out pizza instead, which saved everybody a lot of hassle and some shouting and general unhappiness. Plus we got to eat Villa Rosa, which everyone enjoys, so that was all right.

We lit our three candles and sang our blessing. After dinner my in-laws lit 33 candles on the birthday cake that K and her grandma had baked the night before -- I keep wondering when they're going to stop insisting on this particular tradition -- and sang to D and watched him fail to blow them all out. Hearty jeers ensued. We all enjoyed cake and ice cream and then the in-laws went home and K went to bed and D and I watched an episode from the Scrubs DVD I'd given him as a birthday present.

The gift-making continues and I have to keep reminding myself that I am making progress; sometimes I feel as though I am spinning my wheels, but I am ticking things off my list left and right and piling up some very nice gifts. Today I start wrapping, and tomorrow, mailing.

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