Sunday, December 7, 2008

A visit from Saint Nick

K woke up on December 6th at what she would, in another age, have referred to as "the cracker dawn," to discover her hot-pink Crocs full of caramel creams and peppermints outside her bedroom door, oh joy! Underneath the shoes were a gaily wrapped matching game and a new book, oh joy, oh joy! We read the book, ate the candy and fiddled with the game and were done before 6:30, while Daddy snored on.

I thought a little bit about how ironic it was that St. Nicholas had never visited me as a child even one time on his special day, while D had encountered him every year as a young boy on this particular feast day. Then I popped in the Schoolhouse Rock video and kicked back with my crocheting.

When the show was over, K and I headed to the kitchen to use up the last of the forlorn bananas. She's really becoming quite proficient at the muffin recipe; I think that she will do fine with some simple Christmas cookies, so I will start to plan for that. Yesterday I let her fill the muffin cups with the quarter-cup measure, which I had not done before. She performed admirably and may hereafter do this job independently.

We took the muffins with some orange juice and woke D up with our "good morning" song and a big smile. He took it like a man. I was impressed.

Last evening with D's help I finished the second and third wool scarves and put on the fringe -- they're ready for gifting. Two down, a zillion more to go.


  1. What a great morning! Love your scarves, I'm going to make a couple -- thanks for the idea. MK

  2. Thank you! I should have mentioned the source for the scarf idea, Last-Minute Fabric Gifts by Cynthia Treen and Karen Phillipi. I think it's my new favorite!