Friday, December 12, 2008

Rainy days and Thursdays

Yesterday was stormy and cold, and I ended up rearranging my plans so that I could stay in all day and catch up on sleep -- I'm something of an insomniac -- and work on my various Christmas projects. The weather had me feeling a little blue, but getting some extra rest and relaxing with my crocheting and some old episodes of Mad About You on DVD boosted my mood by quite a bit.

I didn't complete anything yesterday, but I worked on: the wool/cotton scarf; some felted rocks; and a Moleskine patchwork journal. When K came home from school she was gung ho about helping me with the rocks, and even got started on making a felted bath scrubber from some wool roving and a bar of soap. I let her work on the felting until we were both sick of it.

It's been fun having K's help with so many of my projects lately. When I put all 3 of our names on the gifts this year, I'll really feel like the gifts are from all 3 of us: D pays for the supplies and pattern/idea books; I do the planning, purchasing, supervising and the majority of the work; and D and K assist me as necessary (and as possible.) It works out nicely for everyone.

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