Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Countdown to five

The birthday preparations for K's fifth are well underway, and since she is spending tonight and tomorrow night with her grandparents they can now take place out in the open, which is much nicer for D and me. I had a fabulous time making her a birthday bunting out of Amanda Soule's The Creative Family, and have started a birthday crown following instructions from that book as well. And last night D and I spent an hour (that's all!) making a glorious pink tutu after Design Mom's tutorial (I love how she helps her children create meaningful Christmas gifts for their siblings.) I think I'll save the pictures for the weekend so I can show them in use by Herself.

My mother-in-law was literally holding her belly as she roared with laughter at the sight of the sewing and crafting paraphernalia that has exploded in the dining room and expanded into the living room. She has this idea that it won't all fit into the front bedroom upstairs we are currently using as an office. Because of the slight possibility that that might be true, I am not including photographs of my current craft space either, lest I become a cyber-laughingstock as well.

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