Sunday, December 28, 2008

My apprentice

Yesterday was my Big Big Clean Out the Sewing Room Day so that I could clear out my craft closet so that we can get on with the process of turning the office upstairs into my craft studio. Unlike most "clean-out" operations of mine, this one did not include getting rid of a lot of junk -- I had done that last summer -- so mostly this was just putting away loose items and repackaging piles that had outgrown their containers. I did, however, decide that I was never going to make a quilt or anything else from lightweight plaid flannel scraps, so I gave a hefty stack of those to K.
This turned out to have delightful ramifications for both of us. For me, most immediately, it gave me over an hour of peace and quiet so I could finish organizing. For her, it gave her something Just Like Mom Does that she could do All By Herself and make satisfying, genuinely usable finished products. She set to work with safety scissors and abandon.

She invented aprons, bibs, dresses, blankets and a cape. Oh -- once she invented the cape it was all over with the "sewing" and she wanted to play Fabric Superhero. D was willing to oblige and took on the persona of a Fabric WonderTwin: "Form of ... CORDUROY!!!"

Today we're going to measure the former craft closet and spend some time at Ikea looking at possibilities for a cart/desk/table that D could use for his desktop computer, so we can move his home base out of the office. It's happening. It's really happening!

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